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Visitors Management Information System

About this software
We present your perfect digital receptionist. Now, greet visitors and get notified when your guest arrives and give a warm first impression. Our software allows you to easily keep track of who is visiting your premises and when they are checking in. There's no more need to keep track of paper files of visitor logs, no more keeping your guests waiting, just send a sms or email messages to the concerns that their visitors are here to see without the need for a receptionist to track them down.
See all of your visitors from any of your computers with the ease of the network cloud. This means that deploying and maintaining your devices is simple. It includes a network-based dashboard that allows you to easily configure and make changes to each display by simply logging into your account. There is no need to walk to each display across the premises when something needs to be changed. Simply login to your account from any of your networked system and you can make the changes you need to any device.


Our VMIS has everything your reception needs
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